Important Notice for Business
(Information: Requests for Outside Suppliers)

  1. Suppliers shall observe the specifications of the orders and the drawings provided by Yamaichi Special Steel co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). The Company shall review in case of anything incredulous from the viewpoints of production and usage.
  2. Suppliers shall handle the specifications and the drawings provided by the Company with great care. Suppliers are strictly prohibited from disclosing such data to any third parties without prior written agreement of the Company. Suppliers shall return such data to the Company if requested.
  3. Suppliers shall assign the workers who are capable of manufacturing the products appropriately.
  4. The Company may request for audit and plant tours to Suppliers as necessary.
  5. Suppliers shall observe the deadlines specified by the Company. Suppliers shall also notify the Company if there are any foreseeable completion delays.
  6. Suppliers shall provide the Company the status of the ordered products including but not limited to materials of steels, size and numbers.
  7. Suppliers shall provide the Company the inspection reports in case the Company requests for aforesaid reports.
  8. The company shall be notified immediately if there should be any non-conformities. If the Company concludes that such products are not suitable for use as a result of discussions with the clients, the Company shall return such non-conformity products and request Suppliers to provide replacement products promptly.
  9. In case of any non-conformities or defects reported after the delivery of the products to the clients and suppliers are responsible thereof, the Company may demand Suppliers to investigate the cause and also request for compensation if claimed by the clients in the course of discussions with Suppliers.
  10. The Company shall pay Suppliers for the quality-approved products delivered by the closing day of each month as accounts payable in accordance with the mutually agreed payment conditions.
  11. Suppliers shall instruct their employees to follow the order specifications of the Company and to acknowledge the grave risk of using the con-conformities or defects as well as of forging the test data of the products.