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Measurement/Reverse engineering

What elevates manufacturing is "Reliability of measurement value

We were the first private company in the world to acquire ISO17025 Laboratory Accreditation in the field of dimensional testing with CMM.
We offer test records which are applicable worldwide, especially in Europe and America.

HYBRID measurement with the largest CMM in Japan and Camera-type non-contact measurement system

Throughout the year 20℃ ±0.5℃ with Humidity less than 50%

Our unique HYBRID
measurement can
producehigh precision colored maps

  • Simplify the process

    Visualization of a measurement result before repair enables pinpoint welding repair
  • Eliminate the missing welding instruction

  • Hints to realize a longer life

    Measurement before every periodic repair enables us to understand any abrasions

Measurable products

5000mm x 4000mm x 3000mm weight up to 10 tons

Other experiences (including reverse engineering)

  • - Aircraft body parts
  • - Gear parts for wind generator systems
  • - Parts for machining
  • - Large jig for measurement
  • - ETC