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Special Steel

Molding metals

As the special agent of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., we offer various products such as Cold Work Tool Steel, Die Cast Tool Steel, High Speed Tool Steel, and Plastic Mold Steel. We respond to requirements quickly by utilizing our 24-hour automatic cutting system.

Hitachi Metals Custom Plate

We will produce plates with the requested size. We also offer rotary surface grinding and hole drilling.

Production Material

  • Electronic component
  • Magnetic material
  • Lost wax casting
  • MIM
  • Wire rod
  • Sheet strip
  • Turned and polished bar
  • Non-ferrous metal

We offer a variety of products such as Wire rods, Sheet strip, Turned and polished bar in the field of Automobiles, Office Automation equipment, machine tools, semi-conductors, and so on. We have a range of products such as General steel/Free cutting steel/Special steel/Stainless steel/Copper and Brass/Aluminum through cooperation with shaft furnace/ special steel makers and secondary process makers.